9 Top Picks For Yamahas 2022 Motorcycle Releases

9 Top Picks For Yamahas 2022 Motorcycle Releases

It’s an exciting year to be a Yamaha fan! The UK Motor Show welcomed a vast array of new machines with diverse pricing and skill level. Design-wise, many bikes are curving into a retro-future aesthetic with sleek shapes, comfortable designs, and vibrant accent colors.

The Yamaha vehicles are the focus of this particular video. It covers the specifications, style, and price of each new bike.

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The reviewer also gives his own assessment of how good a deal each one will be, comparing updates to previous models, and brand-new drops to similar machines. This is helpful in case you’re new to Yamaha bikes, or you haven’t been following every generation. Since this is a piece based on the UK, it’s less helpful if you’re looking for specs for bikes available elsewhere, but it never hurts to compare and contract in the global market.

This video is one of many, so if research is your goal the online machinist community is not only thorough but also very willing to point a comrade in the right direction. Video essayists, dealerships, personal blogs, and message boards are all good places to collect data to inform your next motor investment.


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