8 Ways to Protect a Shipment from Modern Day Pirates

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When someone mentions pirates, people tend to picture wooden legged, eye patched, swash bucklers with a parrot on their shoulders. The truth it, in this day and age, pirates, although very real, look nothing like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Piracy is classed as anything that happens to air and ocean cargo in the way of thievery. It happens on a variety of levels from a small yacht to a huge cargo ship and other types of freight ships, depending on what the pirates are after. When air and ocean cargo moves to the sea portion, anyone boarding the vessel and threatening the crew with weapons of some sort is classed as a pirate. They are basically hijackers. So, how can you possibly keep your air and ocean cargo safe from these bandits? When you are part of a process that involves a transport direct door to door delivery, it’s a little easier because the shipment is being tracked. In any case, sea freight shipping should be protected. Here’s how:

  1. Armed Security Guards
    Armed guards are used in a myriad of other places to why not ships? Somali waters are known for harboring major pirates so armed security guards are often used which sailing through there. A large ship will usually have about four guards on board. The guards are specially trained, typically with a military background.
  2. Sonic Weapons
    These sound guns are very similar to the kind that are used to control crowds. Ships can be fitted with a sonic weapon that emits an incredible beam of sound that is used to fend off would be attackers. However, if the offending sea vessel is moving too fast, it can be difficult to get the device to focus.

  3. Laser Beams
    Lasers can be used to blind the approaching pirates. Green beams have been proven to make it near impossible to aim a weapon when crossing it’s path. It was effective up to a mile but didn’t cause permanent sight damage.

  4. High Pressure Hoses
    This is probably the most commonly used tactic, high pressure hoses or water cannons are sprayed from the side of the ship to blast away anyone that is attempting to climb the side of the ship. They can also be used to flood the crafts as they get closer to your vessel. Most of the newer hoses have the ability to be used via remote control so that if the pirates decide to open fire, the operators will still be safe.
  5. Electric Cages
    A great way to build up the defense of a ship is to layer it with electric cages or fences as well as razor wire. All of these things make it harder for the pirates to even get into the ship much less find access to the air and ocean cargo below.

  6. Nets
    Nets and wires are often used in order to snare the propellers of a pirate boat once they are close enough. This isn’t ideal as the pirates can still jump overboard and climb to your vessel but it can be done in conjunction with other protective measures.
  7. Anti Traction Chemicals
    Before setting out, it’s a good idea to spray anti traction foam or liquid over the sides of the ships. If you fear that you are about to be boarded, you could also spray the deck to inhibit the pirates ability to keep traction.

  8. Burning Liquid
    There are chemicals that you can use to shoot the pirates that smell absolutely awful. When they come into contact with the skin, they cause a burning sensation. Pirates will have to back off and jump into the water if they want to clean off the liquid.

Staving off pirate attacks is important to keeping the crew as well as the cargo safe. There are various reasons why people would attack shipments. It’s really no different as to why people hijack cars or airplanes. However, people view it as so rare because we don’t really hear a lot about it in the news. There are a lot of security procedures that have to take place before the shipment can leave the port but these measures can work to keep everyone safer wherever possible since pirates don’t go through security checks.

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