7 Fantastic Gift Ideas for New Nurses

Pharmacy school graduation gifts

Nurses are some of the hardest working people around. Whether they work in a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic, they do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to delivering great health care. If you know someone who is finishing nurses school, you may be looking at registered nurse graduation gifts. These may be different from other graduation appreciation gifts, pharmacy school graduation gifts or law school graduation gift ideas. Here are some things that make great registered nurse graduation gifts:

  1. A nice, smart watch with an engraving: There are a lot of reasons nurses to have a handy watch. Getting the nurse in your life a smart watch with a nice message engraved on it can be a great gift. They can use that to keep track of the steps they take every day and it will help them better do their job. Whether they are measuring a patient’s heart rate or respiration, a good smart watch can be very helpful. The message you put on the watch will remind them how much they mean to you. These can also make it possible to leave their phone in their locker or bag. One less thing to carry around is always a good thing.
  2. A day of spa services: This is one of the best registered nurse graduation gifts. Nurses spend their days taking care of other people. Having the chance to be pampered for a day of relaxing spa services is a great to show them you care about them and give them something they can really enjoy. The services at most day spas are very relaxing and can be enjoyed my most people. Everyone can use some pampering every now and again.
  3. An engraved stethoscope: This is a practical gift that can be great. If you have the important tool engraved, you will reduce the chance that it will be stolen (this is a common problem that all kinds of medical professionals have to deal with). Before you buy one, you should take some time to talk to the new nurse in your life, they may have a particular brand or kind they like to use.
  4. A box for keepsakes: Nurses work very hard and are not always told how much their hard work means to the people around them. It can be easy to let the bad things patients and other say add to stressful times (all jobs have some of those). A box for keepsakes can help them think about the positive parts of their job when the stress starts to get to them. A good box is one where nurses can keep positive notes they receive from patients, friends and family.
  5. A good pair of shoes: Nursing is one job that keeps people running around on their feet. Keeping their feet happy becomes a very important part of their day. Getting the nurse in your life a gift certificate to a shoe store you know they like or just finding either great shoes or inserts can show you understand what their days are like.
  6. A plant for their home: You may think that among the registered nurse graduation gifts, a good one would not be something nurses have to take care of but you would be wrong. Research has shown that people are healthier when they have plants in their home. There are a number of plants that are easy to take care of and this can be a good way to celebrate their graduation.
  7. A weekend away from home. You can find a location not too far from home or even just spring for a few nights in a hotel in your home city. When most people graduate from a nursing school, medical school, law school, whatever, a few days away from their normal life can be a great antidote to all of the studying and work they have been doing. These trips can do a few things, give them some extra pampering and let them get their mind off of things. Everyone can use a break from their lives every now and again.

Getting the right registered nurse graduation gifts may take more effort than just getting crystal plaques but it is possible to get the perfect gift.

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