5 Ways Using Different Office Solutions Can Benefit Your Company

Office solution that is unique

If there is one thing that most workers can agree on, it is that the commute could almost always be shorter. People have even gone so far as to change jobs when the new job offers them a shorter commute. It has been estimated that at least 80% of workers think the option to telecommute is a perk. A full 67% of workers say that they get a lot done when they are able to work remotely. For all of these reasons and more, companies are increasingly looking to different office solutions rather than the traditional model of opening a main office in one or more locations. Here are some of the ways professional virtual office services and allowing your people to work remotely can help your business succeed.

  1. There is no commute time for your staff. As was already mentioned, commuting is never any fun. Whether you drive in and have to fight with traffic going to work and going home or if you use public transportation, the time you spend getting to and from work is time that you are not able to do anything else. When you have a virtual office and let your people work remotely they accomplish more. All of that time that were spent commuting is now spent working.
  2. These different office solutions help working parents. If you have working parents on your staff, allowing them the flexibility to work remotely will prevent them from missing work. Often parents have a lot of trouble finding reliable child care. Even those who have access to decent child care will have issues at some point. The schools system may close due to bad weather, the person to brings their children to or from school and/or preschool or daycare may be delayed or become sick. One of the main reasons parents are late to work or have to take sick or vacation days is because they are dealing with the care of their children. By allowing them to work from home, they can get their work done and make sure their children are safe and sound. This also alleviates a lot of the guilt many parents feel when they work a lot.
  3. You will have healthier workers. When people are able to work remotely, they are more active. A recent stufy done by the University of Sydneyandrsquo;s School of Public Health showed that a person’s risk up death goes up by 40% when they spend their entire day (11 hours or more) sitting at a desk. Some have compared sitting all day to smoking a pack of cigarettes in terms of the effects it has on a person’s health. People who work remotely can be more active, If they want to work out, they can go to the gym in the middle of the day and take a shower at home. It is a good way to keep people active.
  4. Using a virtual office saves you money. You do not have to worry about a full time office space that needs to be maintained, nor do you have to have an IT department of worry so much about the costs associated with technology. Many firms do offer their employees with equipment but many let their staff use their own. There are often concerns about cybersecurity issues when people use their own technology for company business. There are simple ways to get around these issues when you are using different office solutions. You can provide your staff with the appropriate training and tools to keep their data safe from hackers. In reality, one of the biggest threats comes from people using weak passwords (John Podesta’s email was hacked, in part, because his password was “password”) or by opening emails from nefarious sources. /li>
  5. Your virtual or shared office space can be there when you need it. If you need to have a meeting with important customers, clients or just to get the team together, you can do that. Most of these spaces have conference rooms that you can use when you need them.

The bottom line is taking advantage of the different office solutions available now will improve your profit margin and make your workers happier at the same time.

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