5 Mistake Wooden Fence Companies Can Avoid

5 Mistake Wooden Fence Companies Can Avoid

There are some mistakes that wooden fence companies need to avoid when it comes to construction. These mistakes can negatively affect the fencing project at hand. For instance, they can lead to injuries or drive up the cost of fencing. That is why they need to be avoided as much as possible.

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But what are some of these mistakes that wooden fence companies ought to avoid?

The first one is not getting the underground utilities located. These utilities can be electricity lines or pipes. It would help if you located them in order to avoid negatively interfering with them.

Another mistake that most wooden fence companies make is not getting the fence post buried deep enough. Such a mistake will obviously affect the strength and durability of the fence. For that reason, it has to be avoided.

The third mistake is using pre-built fence panels that can be found at home stores. They will not offer that great look that you so much desire.


Next, using wood posts and wood frames on the gate is a mistake. This might affect the swinging of your gate, especially when you intend to open it. Also, you must ensure you build a proper transition from a 4ft fence to a 6ft fence. It is very important to ensure there is synchrony. Lastly, not staining and sealing your fence is another mistake that you ought to avoid.


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