4 Ways to Up Church Going

Church marquee

When considering a sign to put up outside your church, you have options but they should all reflect what is going on inside. Like commercial business signs, signs for churches should be eye catching and noticeable without offering to much information that is going to overwhelm the viewer. Outdoor church signs are used to compel people to come and visit the church so there should be something inviting and warm about them that encourages people to come inside. Here are some ideas for outdoor church signs that will hopefully get you thinking in the right direction before settling on a type of sign.

Full Color LED Signs
These kinds of signs are definitely noticeable as outdoor church signs but they also include a sense of youthfulness so if your church is geared for the older generation, using an LED sign company is probably not the best representation of how the services are run. However, if you have a youth centered ministry with lots of LED light shows and concert set up inside, then an LED sign in full color is exactly what you need outside your church to show people what is going on. You don’t want to misrepresent the nature of your church and the sign is the first impression a visitor will get of the type of church that it is.

Electronic Signs
Using an electronic sign as one of the outdoor church signs is a good idea but you probably wouldn’t want this as your only sign. This is because the main sign typically never changes. It should contain your church name and service times in order to inform people when you will be there. An electronic sign can be very efficient in advertising upcoming events and special services that will be taking place. These are one off events that don’t usually happen on a regular basis. That’s the type of thing that an electronic sign is good for. It’s easy to change so if the events are constantly changing, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting a new sign made every time you have a special speaker or singer come into town.

Billboard Signs
Even though the billboard may not necessarily be directly outside your church it’s a great way to inform people that your church exists. You have to think bout letting people know about your church like you would any type of business. Billboards, signs, flyers, cards, invitations etc all play a part in information people about churches, companies, restaurants, franchises and any other kind of industry that relies on the attendance of people.

Flyers are basically mini signs that can be distributed throughout the community in order to raise awareness. Flyers are fairly inexpensive to get printed and can be done in bulk which makes it even cheaper. You can have a flyer that promotes the regular services and goings on at your church and then whenever you have a special event you could print another flyer to be handed out as an invitation. The only problem with flyers is that people are very finicky about them. There is always a chance that they will be thrown away if there is too much information, not enough information, too much color or not enough, too many images or not a lack of pictures. There has to be a perfect balance of color, image, wording and even paper type. A cheap, flimsy paper will be crumpled up and thrown away. However, a glossy card stock flyer may be kept even if just because there’s no access to a trash can at that point and throwing it on the floor is less acceptable that with a wad of paper.

There are a lot of ways that signs can promote churches and encourage people to attend. Overall, your sign or flyer or invitation should be welcoming and warm and accepting of anyone who looks at it. You want them to look at the sign and wonder what it would be like to attend that church. It should make them think about community and their soul and whether or not they are neglecting the higher purpose. People are searching for a meaning to life and if your church can give that, your sign should reflect it.

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