4 Ways to Stay Safe While Using Drill Bits

Throughout the United States, many companies perform machining work to complete projects. With that in mind, many of these projects involve using industrial drills and drill bits. However, you might be working with drill bits for the first time. Considering that, here are four ways to stay safe while using drill bits.

  • Keep Track of Your Drill Bits

    During certain days, you’ll likely find yourself using several kinds of drill bits. Considering that, it’s a good idea to think about taking care of drill bit storage. If you’re using large amounts of these items, you might want to purchase a drill bit cabinet. There are also other types of drill bit organizers that are smaller. These smaller drill bit organizers make it easy to ensure you always have the right drill bit available.
  • Ensure Your Drill Bit is Secure

    It’s understandable to want to complete your work as fast as possible. However, the time it takes you to complete a job shouldn’t come at the expense of your personal safety. With that in mind, you’ll always want to make sure your drill is turned off before replacing any drill bits. In addition, make sure that your drill bits are tightly secured into the chuck which holds the drill bit in place. Not securing your chuck could cause a drill bit to fly out of the machine which is extremely dangerous.
  • Always Wear Safety Googles While Drilling

    As you drill into items, it’s common for particles to go flying everywhere. These particles often travel in unpredictable directions and speeds. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re always wearing safety goggles before using any type of power tools, especially those involving the use of drill bits.
  • Double Check Each Drill Bit You Use

    Many workers know the pain that comes with using the wrong size drill bit. If this happens, it can cause several problems. One of these problems is creating holes that aren’t the right size. In turn, you’ll likely have no choice but to start your project all over again. Using the wrong size drill bit can also cause you to use the wrong amount of force which can cause damage to your tools. You can avoid these problems by purchasing a drill bit organizer.

In closing, there are several safety tips you should follow while using drill bits. If you’re wanting to purchase quality drill bits, you’ll want to contact a machine shop tool supply company. These companies often have a wide range of drill bits, ensuring you’ll have everything needed to complete a job. Certain machine shop tool companies will have other important items including industrial drill bit sharpeners. By having these sharpeners, you’ll likely save money by not having to constantly purchase new drill bits.

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