4 Ways Teflon is Used Outside of the Kitchen

Ptfe coating process

When you hear the name “Teflon,” you probably think of non-stick pots and pans. And you’re right to do so. Non-stick cook and bake ware is coated with Teflon, otherwise known as PTFE coatings, which allow for easy cleaning and food transfer.

But did you know that industrial coating services like Teflon are also used in other industries? Instead of making sure that half of your muffin doesn’t get stuck in the pan, industries use this coating material for high stakes production.


It’s true. Aerospace engineers use Teflon coatings to prevent galling, a type of wear caused from adhesion. As the sliding components rub against each other, the galling material is pulled onto its contact surface, sometimes stripping the material altogether. In aerospace, galling is common. Rotating blades can easily strip their contact material if they are not equipped with a PTFE powder or PTFE spray coating, or other industrial coating service to prevent stripping the metal down.


Industrial coating services are really needed in any sort of industrial settings. Industrial Teflon coatings are protective, so they are used to protect against high heat or rough rear. Firearms, for example, are often coated before distribution because of their high heat and wear capacity.


Automotive manufacturers coat car components to protect against hear and wear as well. When exposed to high heat, materials can be prone to damage. Bending, melting, and otherwise thinning of a material can happen when it is exposed to high heat. Ball components, clamps, belt clips, and more are all exposed to heat as they create friction against each other.

Sliding wear, like galling, can occur, but seizure can as well. If the moving parts of the car’s interior are not running smoothly, they will stop working, and seize up. Without the proper lubrication, or in this case a coating, they are unable to free themselves up while the car is running. If components of your car seized wile you were behind the wheel, the entire vehicle would probably stop working, and you would need to be serviced.

Chemical Processing

Plenty of chemicals have the ability to corrode their containers, which are often metal. The coatings prevent the chemicals from eating away, or corroding, the material that the chemicals come into contact with.

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