4 Popular Types of Storage Container Modifications

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Statistics show that there are 17 million shipping containers throughout the world, with only 6 million currently being used. Shipping containers work well for many different purposes. Used shipping containers reuse about 7,700 pounds of steel, reducing the need for less sustainable building materials. There are many storage container modifications that can be made to these structures. Here are four extremely popular types of additions for steel shipping containers.

  1. Custom Doors

    It’s understandable that you’ll want steel shipping containers with doors. There are several types of door options to choose for your container. Roll up doors work well for a container if space is a major concern. If you’re going to be moving a lot of items in and out of a container, it’s wise to utilize dual doors. Many companies utilize the standard swinging door that you’ve seen countless times. The addition of doors makes it much easier for workers to enter and exit a shipping containers.
  2. Shelving

    Many steel shipping containers are used for storage purposes. It’s likely that you won’t want every item to be thrown into a container. You’ll find it makes a lot of sense to utilize shelving for your storage unit. One of the most popular ways to utilize these structures is through creating a container pop up shop. Statistics show that a standard TEU container holds nearly 3,500 boxes of shoes. Steel shipping containers make for a perfect shop that is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. You’ll find that storage container shelving provides superior protection for valuable items.
  3. New Paint Job

    One of the most popular additions for steel shipping containers is a new paint job. You might find that you want a shipping container to stand out. Many people that use these containers as storefronts want them to be easily seen. Other shipping container installations may need to be painted colors to keep units easy to identify. New paint on steel shipping containers isn’t only for looks, it can help further protect this structure from poor weather conditions.
  4. Climate Control Amenities

    If you’re going to be using a container for long amounts of time, it makes sense to control the interior climate. You’ll find that a shipping container service can provide you with climate control options. Many outdoor working environments are known for extreme temperatures, depending upon the season. Having a storage container that is climate controlled is an amenity that every worker will enjoy.

In closing, there are many additions that can be made to steel shipping containers. One of the most common additions is adding doors to a container, allowing for easy access. Steel shipping containers often include additional shelving for the safe storage of important items. It’s common for a shipping container to receive a fresh coat of paint. You’ll find that a painting a steel container further protects it from the weather while giving it a completely new appearance. Climate control features work well to ensure a container remains at the perfect internal temperature. Storage containers provide durable shelving while offering a wide range of additional features.

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