4 Important Benefits of Utilizing DSD Systems

There are many aspects that go into running a successful supermarket. Considering that, it can take a lot of time and efforts to have your store ready for customers. If you’re looking for a helping hand while still wanting to remain profitable, consider direct store delivery. It’s understandable to feel confused as to why these systems are beneficial. With that in mind, here are four benefits of direct store delivery systems.

  1. Receiving Your Goods Quickly

    Statistics gathered from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that food purchases make up for 13% of household spending in the average American home. Considering that, every supermarket owner knows how important it is to receive food and beverages in a timely manner. DSD solutions work well for supermarkets who want to have plenty of snacks and beverages for customers. Direct store delivery skips the waiting times commonly experienced while ordering other types of goods.
  2. Allows Employees to Work on Other Tasks

    Many supermarket employees spend their time waiting to load or unload trucks full of goods. Therefore, these standard delivery options tend to keep employees quite busy. However, this isn’t the case with direct store delivery. One of the main benefits of direct store delivery systems is that these shipments are handled by your chosen distributor and not your employees. Therefore, having others take care of stocking duties allow you to plan other tasks for your employees to take care of.
  3. Perfect for Products That Expire Fast

    Another important part of managing a supermarket is ensuring that you aren’t stocking expired food. Having expired food on your shelves can steer customers away from a supermarket fast. Considering that, direct store delivery software can help ensure that this doesn’t happen. In turn, you’ll have distributors working to ensure that your store always carries fresh foods and beverages.
  4. Most Direct Store Delivery Products Are Popular

    You’ll find that many of your most popular goods are likely items that can be directly delivered to your store. In fact, statistics show that there nearly 750 establishments currently in the United States fresh prepared foods manufacturing industry. This gives you the chance to provide these popular items to your customers. For instance, many people looking to wake up in the mornings will purchase an energy drink. Later in the day, a mother shopping for her family will likely pick up sodas and fresh snacks. As you can see, direct store delivery items are incredibly popular in supermarkets across the country.

In closing, there are several benefits of direct store delivery systems. Stores that choose to have items delivered directly receive these goods in a fast and efficient manner. This is certainly much better than waiting weeks for distribution centers to have items ready. In addition, DSD solutions allow your employees to spend time on other matters besides constant merchandising. If you want to see your supermarket’s revenue increase while doing less work, consider the benefits of direct store delivery.

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