3 Types of Retail Display Ideas That Will Boost Sales

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How products are displayed is important for exposure. If you don’t get a product out there, you may not have many sales or customers in general. If the way a product comes off is bland and uninteresting, it’s not going to draw people in. A Mass Merchant Study in 2014 found that 16% of purchases were made by shoppers because they noticed a nice display. You may understand that you need a good display for business, but could be lost on where to begin. Here are 3 great retail display ideas that can boost sales.

1. Modern and Contemporary

Depending on the specific product, you need necessary display tools to complement the idea. If you are selling more high end or expensive items, it is important to make sure your display looks sleek and modern. Clean and simple displays can give off a luxurious feel if it is done correctly. Acrylic display stands are common retail display ideas used to show electronics or high end accessories. Acrylic is clear and modern looking, so it complements the luxury items while not keeping attention away from the item.

2. Rustic and Refined

Maybe a modern feel is not the route for your specific product. If you are selling food and beverages you will need a practical yet effective display. Unique signs can contribute to nice custom retail displays. Several studies have shown than merchandise with a sign will result in more sales, and will outsell merchandise without a sign by 20%. Metal display signs are rustic and imposing, but can be eye catching when used right. They can easily be used as a chalkboard to write on to advertise fresh food, as long as you have stylish handwriting or calligraphy skills. Refined handwriting is good to give an authentic type of feeling to customers. Wood slabs can be used to write on as well to create a “farm fresh” approach. These ideas can be used as deli signage, retail freezer displays, used near racks and shelves, and also used outdoors.

3. Trendy and Minimalistic

Selling clothing, furniture, or other personal items require unique retail display ideas. You want to appeal to customers sense of style. Using signs for windows featuring the latest trends can bring in more customers to look at merchandise. The same can be done with flyers, poster easels, and wall mounted signs. Inspiring quotes and messages can be incorporated into simple and minimalistic graphic design to send a good message about your business. Using fun custom price tags can add a nice touch.

Retail display ideas matter when it comes to making sales. 82% of shoppers make their final decisions in store, so store and display impression makes a big impact.

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