3 Surprising Reasons For Failed Relationships

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You might be under the impression that if you and your partner are highly compatible and never argue that your relationship is destined to stay in tact, despite any issues that may arise. While significant issues like a lack of communication and trust often result in the ending of a relationship, there are also some reasons for failed relationships that may surprise you. Relationship coaching can often help couples to identify these potential pitfalls and work on them in order to improve together. But if you never realize that you could benefit from relationship help, you may not see the end is in sight before it occurs. Here are three surprising reasons that relationships may fail.

  1. Lack of conflict
    If you and your partner never argue, you may take this as a good sign. However, this is more often a sign that one or both parties may be sweeping issues under the rug and harboring resentment. Most healthy relationships involve arguments from time to time. Couples in these relationships will know how to communicate and deal with issues in a way that doesn’t damage the relationship. If you and your partner never fight about anything, chances are that you’ve constructed a facade that may suddenly fall apart. Oftentimes, these sorts of relationships will be very black and white: either everything is perfect, or it’s over. If you feel you and your partner have trouble communicating your issues in a healthy way, you may benefit from a relationship coach.
  2. Too compatible
    We tend to think of being compatible as a good thing — and it usually is. It’s important that you and your partner agree on the “big stuff.” But if you’re compatible in unhealthy ways, this can spell trouble for your relationship. While it’s great for partners to encourage and be supportive of each other, this does not apply to immature or indulgent tendencies. This can result in a co-dependent relationship that’s based on mutual insecurities or a toxic, enabling relationship between two self-destructive people. Although a personal life coach may help identify these problem areas in one individual’s life, a relationship coach may be able to help you as a couple or may advise you as to whether you should be together in the long term.

  3. Good chemistry
    Yes, chemistry and a satisfying physical relationship is important for maintaining a healthy relationship. However, your sex life may be masking significant issues within your relationship. Many couples believe that if they’re satisfied in that area, then the relationship is fine. However, physicality often becomes a lower priority in longer relationships, which may cause these issues to come to light later on. Sex also may be used as a bargaining chip to convince one partner to forget about unresolved problems. If your sex life is one of the only good things about your current relationship, you should seek help from a lifecoach or relationship expert to see if problems might be resolved or whether it’s healthier for you to end the partnership.

Note that agreement, compatibility, and physical chemistry can be markers of a perfectly healthy relationship. It’s only when these are used to hide other relationship issues or keep us in a stagnant place that they may be considered to be detrimental to a partnership. If you’re currently struggling in your relationship, seek out help from a relationship coach or couples’ therapist for insight.

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