3 Reasons to Choose Coffee Bags with Valves

Coffee is an extremely popular beverage for many people, especially those residing in the United States. One study found that 54% of American adults drink this beverage every day. Considering this beverage’s popularity, many companies create coffees of their own to entice consumers. If you’re working on coffee bag packaging, you’ll want to consider the importance of one way air valves. With that in mind, here are three reasons to utilize coffee bags with valves.

  • Reducing Coffee Beans Turning Stale

    Coffee bags with valves prevent oxidation from taking place. This process begins to occur when oxygen surrounds food. For instance, leaving a plate of food out in the open causes it to spoil quickly. If you were to store this food in a safer manner, it would take longer for the dish to spoil. Coffee bags with valves allow gases to escape from packaging, without oxygen making its way inside. In turn, this allows your company’s coffee to remain fresh for long periods of time.
  • Avoiding Over Inflated Bags

    Research shows that companies paying close attention to their packages notice a 30% increase in overall consumer interest. Considering that, you don’t want consumers to associate your company’s coffee with overly inflated or burst packages. Unfortunately, this is what happens when coffee companies don’t use valves on their packages. After coffee beans roast, they begin producing gases. If you store freshly roasted beans in bags without valves, these gases create immense amounts of pressure. In turn, excessive pressure could cause bags to topple over and even explode. To avoid these concerns, you’ll need to utilize bags with valves which allow these gases to escape.
  • Sending Your Company’s Coffee to Shops Faster

    Not all companies create coffees that go directly to supermarkets and grocery stores. Many businesses sell their products out of coffee shops. If you want your company’s coffee shop packaging to arrive quickly, it’s wise to utilize bags with valves. This allows you to roast your beans while immediately being able to place them into bags. If you don’t utilize one way valves, your workers will have to wait almost an hour to safely package roasted coffee beans.

In closing, there are several reasons that coffee bags with valves are so important. Research shows that almost 52% of online consumers would make another purchase from a company that utilizes premium product packages. For coffee purchasers, valve sealed bags show them that your company cares about its products. If you need extra help with creating amazing coffee packages, it’s wise to partner with a packaging design company. Whether you packaging for coffee shops or supermarkets, these companies will help ensure your business creates amazing package designs.

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