3 Misconceptions About Concrete Surfaces

3 Misconceptions About Concrete Surfaces

Updated: 1/26/2022

If you want to build with concrete on your property, you’ll need to know the availability of concrete. In some places, you can buy cement near me and take care of the cement surface yourself. This will involve more work for you, but it will save you money on labor costs. If you have experience with concrete, you can buy cheap concrete bags and do the work for a fraction of what you spend on a contractor.

However, if you don’t have experience with cement, doing it yourself could result in big problems. Not only could you mess up the project, but you could also get hurt. In this case, you should hire a contractor. They will have access to contractor supplies, meaning they’ll charge for both the materials and labor at a flat rate. While you’ll have to spend more money, it will be an investment in your property. Plus, you’ll be able to focus on other projects while the contractor does their job. So take some time to look around your area and find good contractors you could potentially hire for the job.

Concrete has been used to build roads, parking lots, and walkways for a very long time. In fact, the first concrete road was built in 1909 in Detroit — the road was one mile long and ended up costing $13,492.83. But despite this material being used so often, there are still some misconceptions regarding caring for and maintaining the material. So to help you better care for your concrete surfaces, let’s look at the truth behind a few common misconceptions.

Concrete will last without any maintenance: One of the biggest misconceptions regarding this material is that it doesn’t even need any maintenance or cleaning. But this is not true at all. Like all other surfaces, concrete requires proper maintenance in order to hold up and last longer. Sealing concrete should be done to prevent or fix cracks and power wash services can help keep the surface clean. Overall, it’s important to properly care for concrete surfaces to increase longevity.

Concrete doesn’t crack: Unfortunately, concrete is prone to cracking and damages. While it certainly is one of the more durable materials that can be used for parking lots and walkways, it can become damaged. Whether it’s because the Earth is settling, hot or cold temperatures cause the surface to expand or contract, or because of harsh impact, these surfaces can definitely crack. Fortunately, sealing concrete cracks can properly repair the surface and prevent them from expanding and causing further damage.

All concrete surfaces are the same: There are various types of concrete mixtures, many of which can have different properties. One of the main differences among these surfaces is the final coating that’s used. Some surfaces may be coated while others may be polished. It’s best to hire professional pavement services to ensure you’re getting the best concrete surface for the area. Overall, while they are similar, some concrete surfaces may need different methods of care and maintenance.

All in all, concrete surfaces are strong, reliable, and easy to maintain. But if you fail to maintain the surface properly, it could end up cracking or getting damaged more easily. So hopefully, talking about these misconceptions cleared up some confusion regarding this material.

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