3 Great Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Companies across the United States lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service.

If you aren’t focusing on improving your company’s customer service, you could be in for a rough time down the line. From having a friendly staff member handle company calls to constructing a soundproof office booth, there are plenty of things you can do to inspire stronger customer service throughout your business.

Here are some great ways for improving your organization’s customer service:

  • Utilize soundproof phone booth for office space — A soundproof office booth is a must-have for organizations where customer service is a problem. If your call service employees do not have a quiet and comfortable place to conduct phone calls, they aren’t going to have a very productive call. Since 33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor customer service — a soundproof phone booth for office space is the quiet and productive area that your employees need. Contact a professional for office phone booth design ideas.


  • Focus on clear communication — Make sure you are conveying to both your customers and your staff members exactly what you mean and how you feel during each interaction. Even if any confusion is entirely on the customer’s end, it’s still your responsibility to make sure that you’re effectively communicating every aspect of the interaction.


  • Hire hardworking and positive employees — You can have the best product in the world, but if your employees aren’t helpful and aware of how to remain friendly and engaging, your company is going to struggle. Make sure you are hiring friendly employees and teaching them all the necessary skills in order for them to thrive at customer service and every other aspect of your job.

Don’t let your company fall behind because you aren’t focusing on improving your customer service strategy. If you want to learn more about how a quality soundproof phone booth for office can improve customer service in your organization, or if you are hoping to build a phone booth at some point this year, give us a call today.

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