3 Benefits of Using Thermoformed Clamshell Packaging

Round clamshell packaging

In a market where consumers are more geared towards product’s aesthetics, the way a product is packaged really matters. According to the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study, it showed that about 66% of consumers had experimented a new product because of their impressive packaging. When it comes to retail packaging, there are several options available depending on various factors such as size and product type. But one versatile packaging solution used by many companies is the thermoformed clamshells.

Clamshell packaging may not be the best product stocking solution for every product, but its numerous sustainability benefits make it an ideal choice for a variety of merchandise. The following are some of the advantages of using thermoformed packaging.

Product Visibility
The reason why clamshell containers are so popular especially in food and drug industry is that they offer a clear display for your product. Their one-piece designs allow a product to be visible from just about any position, maximizing on its shelf appeal. Unlike blister packaging, clamshells feature a hinge that makes it easy to access the product inside without necessarily having to tear apart the entire packaging.

Clamshells are typically made using clear and sturdy PVC for enhanced protection. With clamshells packs, it’s also possible to a enhance product’s aesthetics by introducing printed insert card with attractive graphics and product information. This is a perfect way to make your product stand out among the competitors and capture consumer’s attention.

Enhanced product security
You should know that, with the visibility offered by clamshell packaging, security of the product inside isn’t compromised at all. These stocking containers feature an in-built closing mechanism, which protects the product against theft and unauthorized tampering. A good example is the packaging used on cell phones and other expensive electronics. As with electronics, clamshells also ensure the same level of protection for drugs and food products, assuring customers of quality and safety product to consume.

Best space utilization
Another reason why thermoformed clamshells are ideal is the way the perfectly cover a product without wasting the space inside the package. This ensures that the product net weight is relatively low, allowing it to be perfectly hanged and displayed in a retail setting. In addition, the perfect fit packaging reduces the overall thermoforming cost as it will only require a single machine during its production.

When choosing a clam packaging for your product, there are important factors you need to consider, and they include product type, capabilities and designs. It’s also wise to factor in the product’s security and safety before settling for thermoformed clamshells.

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