3 Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

There are many ways to clean and most of those methods are somewhat safe and sanitary, however the standard methods of using cleaning solution and choosing a professional who works in the clean industry might mean that rather than getting incredibly clean surfaces germs might end up being spread around and left behind. While this may leave you wondering what germs are lounging around on surfaces that you thought were clean there are other options that provide better cleaning. Dry ice blasting cleaning uses compressed air to blast pellets of dry ice at surfaces in order to clean them. This method of cleaning and polishing was actually started and patented around 1955. Despite what many believe this is not actually ice, but rather carbon dioxide gas that is stored at incredibly cold temperatures. Aside from cleaner facilities, there are other benefits to environmentally sustainable cleaning such as dry ice blasting. Read the benefits below and see why you should choose environmentally sustainable cleaning rather than traditional cleaning methods.


Many people think that chemicals clean the best, but this may not always be the case. Some cleaning chemicals may get rid of some germs and bacteria but they are harmful to humans who use them and breathe them. Some of these chemicals have been shown to damage the lungs just as much as smoking does. Choosing more environmentally sustainable cleaning products and solutions helps not only the environment, but also you. Some of the chemicals take only 26 second to be absorbed by your skin, and once absorbed they go into your blood stream and start wreaking havoc on other organs in your body.


Most of our chemicals that we use to clean with are used with water. This means that all those chemicals eventually end up in our water systems. Some of these chemicals damage aquatic life when it makes its way into your rivers and streams. By making smarter choices when it comes to what we are cleaning with we can help the environment while preserving the aquatic life in the water.


Dry ice blasting is less abrasive than some cleaning chemicals. There is nothing worse that trying to clean something only to find out that the chemicals that you used take the finish off, or harm the finish in some way. This can time consuming and frustrating. Choosing to clean with dry ice can eliminate the possibility of this issue.

No matter what your reasons are for choosing this cleaning method, chances are you will happy with your choice. Other options are available but they each have their own risks and consequences. Do your research and find the option that suits you best when it comes to finding the best way to clean.

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