3 Benefits Coworking Spaces Hold for Employers and Employees

Coworking spaces offer many benefits for employees and those looking to telecommute. About 80% of those in the work force consider telecommuting a job perk and almost 60% of employers identify telecommuting as a cost saving benefit. These spaces allows telecommuters to still have a local meeting place when needed, without the substantial overhead cost of a traditional office space. Read below to see other benefits associated with utilizing coworking spaces.

Freelance Workers

Freelancers can gain a benefit from using coworking spaces while performing their freelance ventures. They still thrive with the freedom of freelancing because they get to choose their own hours. They get to make their own schedules while using this space. They are able to collaborate with other freelance workers while still gaining the benefits of having office space to get necessary work done. Whether choosing coop work space or coop office space the benefits are great to help freelancers excel in their endeavors.

New Businesses

New businesses are typically referred to as start up businesses. The flexibility of coworking spaces helps them because the cost is low. Traditional office space leases cost significantly more than choosing a coworking office space. Start up businesses can meet with team members for meetings to collaborate, and this is normally included in the cost of the space.


Working from home is good for some people, but there are a number of distractions for others. It takes strict diligence in order to not become distracted while working from home. Coworking spaces allow a place to work that is free from distraction. These spaces help provide structure and allow freelancers a chance to get out of the house and talk with others.

These spaces are beneficial for a variety of reasons listed above and more. They are growing in popularity as more and more businesses see the benefits and opt for telecommuting rather than commuting to a traditional office space to work. Spending time in these spaces can spark creativity that can sometimes seem lost when employees telecommute. These spaces combine the benefits of a work space and telecommuting, but at the same time they eliminate some problems experienced with traditional work space, making them a no brainer for those looking for affordable cost saving spaces that are only used when needed.

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