Day: September 6, 2018

What to know about millenials

A lot of businesses are asking nowadays, what is the best way to go about selling to millennials? What do millennials respond to best and what do they care about? Well fear not, professionals of the world who are trying to figure the ins and outs of this new generation. Your humble writer just so happens to be a millennial and he will be doing his best to guide you through what must be a very confusing professional time. Yes, my friends, your writer was born in 1992 which puts him at prime millennial age. I and my cohorts can be a strange and expressive lot, I realize, but we’re people just like you and everyone else. Specifically, people who have only relatively recently entered the workforce and are trying to figure out our lives amidst a rapidly changing and growing world. A lot of workplaces now have something up to four generations in the workplace at one so things can get really confusing really fast. It can be a bit scary to have so many generations in the workplace at once and