Day: September 5, 2018

The Benefits of Professional Corporate Headshots

Across the globe, technology is constantly changing how people live their lives. Now, technology is also working to change how business is conducted in regards to people getting hired and working. For instance, there are now more telecommute jobs than ever before thanks to LinkedIn and the internet. Also, professional corporate headshots are incredibly important now as well.

Benedict Evans is a company that studies data that relates to social media. Recently, their data has revealed that almost 22 billion photos are shared on Instagram and nearly 730 billion photographs are shared on Facebook. People really enjoy taking photographs and should take the time to make sure their headshots are great as well. Here are the benefits of using professional photography for professional corporate headshots.

Professional Corporate Headshots Offer A Great First Impression

A study has revealed that almost one-tenth of a second for someone to create a first impression