The Benefits of Electronic Billing

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Outsourcing departments, especially billing services, has becoming quite popular nowadays especially for smaller businesses. If you outsource utility billing, your customers may be able to get a more comprehensive and understandable bill because the outsourced company will have the time to really sit down and figure out what some improvements to the billing process could be. That is, if your customers are still receiving print and mail services. Even if you outsource utility billing, customers should still be encouraged to cut down on paper and print services by switching to the electronic method of billing. Here are a few benefits to electronic

Online Sales Dominate The Market How Can You Keep Your Business Transactions Secure?

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Thanks to the Internet, buying a wide variety of products and having them delivered right to your doorstep is easier than ever. People have gravitated to this new form of business and, as a result, small businesses and corporations alike work day and night to accommodate these new standards and expectations. However, with all upsides there’s a downside — secure payment. Many customers are concerned about credit card fraud, lost transactions and a lack of oversight for their hard earned cash. With gateway services and chargeback protection you can spend less time off

Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace


The secret to a happy home is a healthy furnace. Your furnace is an integral part of your home, setting the ambiance and atmosphere for everyone who comes to visit. To keep your heating system running at its peak performance for as long as possible, it’s important to maintain it with regular TLC. Some heating repairs and maintenance can be done yourself at home, while others require a heating contractor to pay a visit. The following is a list of the most important maintenance procedures and at-home heating repairs to keep your unit in tip top shape.

4 Ways to Up Church Going

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When considering a sign to put up outside your church, you have options but they should all reflect what is going on inside. Like commercial business signs, signs for churches should be eye catching and noticeable without offering to much information that is going to overwhelm the viewer. Outdoor church signs are used to compel people to come and visit the church so there should be something inviting and warm about them that encourages people to come inside. Here are some ideas for outdoor church signs that will hopefully get you thinking in the

OSHA Fines Company $35,000 for Role in Death of Mechanic

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According to, The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration — OSHA — has charged the Otis Elevator Company with a $35,000 fine for their role in a mechanic?s death. OSHA claims that the company did not follow recommended safety procedures and did not give the mechanic proper training.

Last May, Christopher Hamelinck, a 53 year old mechanic, was working on a nursing home elevator. Hamelinck was doing maintenance work on the elevator when another elevator, from an upper floor, came down, essentially pinning him between a support beam and a steel ladder. At the time, state police had ruled that the incident was an accident.

Fall May Have Been the Result of Serious Safety Oversites

OSHA, however, says that the oversites they observed were ?serious.? OSHA

Understanding the Benefits of Earning a Rigging Certification to Become a Crane Operator

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Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a little kid and you dreamed of adulthood? Did you imagine what it would be like to be a doctor, a policeman, a firefighter, and engineer, or a school teacher? For many people, the childhood career dreams they held as kids rarely manifest into adulthood, but some dreams are not so easy to give up on! For example, do you remember how much fun it was to play with building blocks and create entire buildings and cities, only to have just as much if not more fun tearing them down with a imaginary crane boom?

Well, it’s never too late to earn your rigging certification and become a crane operator to finally fu

Load Cells 101 Know Your Measuring Tools

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To get the most accurate reading of force or pressure with your transducer, it’s important to understand the different types of load cell technologies and how they work as measuring tools. Get the 101 on five types of load cells to determine which one is best for your system: