The Craziest Ancient Medical Practices in History

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We can thank our ancestors for many things; the wheel, paper, beer, and the cars we drive. But, one thing we can be glad for is that some of their ancient medical practices are not in use today. Here are some crazy ancient medical practices we can thank the invention of modern medicine for.


Suffer from headaches? Well you should be thankful that you did not live in ancient times, when trepanation was a commonly used medical practice. This was the method of drilling holes in one’s head to alleviate illnesses, even though it was hardly successful. Historians unfortunately do not know when or why this practice was invented, but a common theory is that physicians would bore holes in a patient’s head in order to let out any evil spirits possessing one’s mind.

Get Help With Your Office Space Needs, Whether Physical or Virtual

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Choosing an office space for your business can be difficult, which is why it can make sense to work with a company that provides professional office solutions. Such a company can provide you with a wide range of services that can help you make the right choice for your office.

One of the biggest issues with trying to pick out an office space for your employees is the size. If you pick a space that is too big, you will wind up paying more than you need to. If future expansion is potentially on the horizon, you might try office suites to start with, which can offer a convenient way to expand. A company specializing in professional office solutions can help you make the

Discover the Difference a Custom Exhibit Design Can Make

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Trade shows, vendor shows, buyer shows, home shows – they are all for companies to get their products and services in front of the right people. These shows may cater to wholesalers, buyers, companies looking for manufacturers, or direct consumers. There is a wide range of shows in nearly every industry that covers every aspect of that industry. Shows may range from small community shows to enormous annual events in cities like New York or Las Vegas.

For companies that serious about getting exposure and increasing sales, these shows are essential for networking and customer acquisition. The average company now allocates over 30% of their marketing budget to events and exhibits. This money covers booth rental, marketing material, and a custom exhibit design, which is essential.

According to a recen

3 Main Hazards of Crane Usage and How to Prevent Them

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Driving down the freeway the other day, there was a lot of construction going on along the shoulder. Equipment and machines all along the highway; it’s a pretty sight out there. My main concern however, was the lack of safety protocol that was being followed. No crane mats or round slings that I could see from my vantage point. Crane services are incredibly important especially when it comes to keeping the workers and people around safe. Here are the three main hazards when working in crane services and how they can be prevented.

End Mill Bit? ER Collets? What You Need to Know


Trying to learn about metalworking, woodworking, and machinery in general can be extremely intimidating. Without some kind of prior knowledge or somebody to help you, the terminology alone can be overwhelming. You might know the broad basics, like what a drill is, what drill bits are, what a clamp is, and so on, but someone mentions “end mill bit” or “ER collets” and everyone can practically see the sparks flying from your brain. Not only that, but it’s hard to do any research on these because people figure that if you’re looking it up, you already know what they are. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the tools that, while simple, aren’t as commonly known as a screwdriver or hammer.

How to Stay Healthy and Still Use the Elevator

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If you have to ride in an elevator then you probably want the assurance that it’s safe and you aren’t going to go plummeting down to the bottom. Well, that’s really just in the movies now. Modern commercial elevators don’t rely solely on the pulleys anymore, thankfully. The elevator safety company will usually guarantee their work and any elevator repair as well, if you look at the plaques posted outside and then inside the elevator whether it’s a residential elevator service or commercial one. Now that we know that the elevator safety company isn’t going to send up plummeting to our deaths, let’s look at an interesti