Cruise Ships are a Popular Segment of the Tourism Industry

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In our highly interconnected world, we depend on shipping to provide almost all our needs, from food to lawn and garden equipment parts. At the same time, cruise ships have become a very popular part of the tourism industry. Marine services like repairs and refits as well as spare equipment and supplies are essential for cruise and cargo ships. Behind the glamorous exterior of the world of cruise ships, there’s a lot of hard work that keeps them in top condition.

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Class Action Law Suits

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It seems like every time you pick up a newspaper, you read about more class actions going through arbitration or commercial litigation. Some commercial giant violated the trust of their clients, or harmed the public, and just like the tiny villagers who took down Gulliver in the novel Gulliver’s Travels, the wronged public have banded together to take down the giant. Class actions play a very valuable role in keeping corporations accountable for their actions, but you should understand what exactly you’re getting yourself into before you

Winter Landscaping Tips for a Greener Spring Lawn


Your houses landscaping is the first impression that your home makes to the world. During the warm months, you get the opportunity to show off your gardening and lawn mowing skills. During the winter months many people go under the assumption that the work is over. The winter may be less busy in terms of lawn care and maintenance, but there are several things that you can do to make sure that you are ready to put your best landscaping foot forward when the spring comes.

Winter Time Lawn Care

When winter comes along many of us may thing that the time for lawn maintenance and landscaping has come to a close. The truth is that your preparation for winter should start during the end of fall. These preparations can make all the difference for when the ground thaws out and the new grass grow

Increase Brand Awareness and Sales with Custom Packaging

Point of purchase design

Are you looking for a company to design high-end retail displays for your business? Or perhaps you have realized the need for custom branded boxes and packaging. Whether you need a point of purchase display, customized shipping boxes, or another type of customized packaging, you’re probably aware that the quality and appearance of these items does matter to customers.

Packaging Digest published a recent article that focused on consumer decision making. It was shown that when customers make d

Invest in the Burgeoning Cannabis Industry

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If you’re interested in medical marijuana business development, you are probably well-aware of the 2016 election results. According to the National Council of State Legislatures’ “State Medical Marijuana Laws,” there are 28 states, including the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, that have approved medical marijuana usage.

As a result of the passage of recent legislation, recreational marijuana usage has also been approved in additional states, including California. There are well over 17 million people that live in states which have legalized recreational marijuana. By 2017,

How Professional Cleaning Services Can Ensure a Healthier Workforce

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Winter is flu season, and dreaded by every parent with school age children. They know that schools and playgrounds are just a merry-go-round of infections. However, it’s not just schools but also offices and any other kind of building where large numbers of people gather, that are home to infections that are passed from person to person. A professional cleaning service that thoroughly cleans all areas and surfaces greatly reduces the risk of infection and all the disruption that brings.