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What Is Your Idea of Weekend Getaway?

To each his own.
While your wife spends hours planning her spa WEEKEND GETAWAY with her friends, when her actual trip happens you are able to accomplish your own goals. Although your wife wants to pamper herself with a weekend of manicures and massages, your idea of royal treatment is finding a service to help you with your most challenging tasks. You family loves to vacation on a lake outside of town on many weekends, but finding transport professionals at the end of the season has sometimes been a challenge. You used to own a truck, but the cost of the gas and the lack of garage space for an extra vehicle made keeping that truck unrealistic. In fact, it is easy to justify the cost to transport a camper at the beginning and end of the season.
So while your wife is away with her girlfriends, you will look at the cost to transport a camper from the campground to storage.