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Accident Prevention in the Workplace

“To err is human” wrote the great Alexander Pope in his work, ‘An Essay on Criticism’. While we all know and understand that being human means we are prone to mistakes, there is one place where mistakes should be avoided at all costs: the workplace.

Accident prevention is a matter of enormous importance in the business world. Unfortunately, there are all too many accidents and injuries in the workplace in the United States. And of all workplace accidents, an incredible 90% are attributed to human error. What to do about these statistics? Reducing human error is an overriding, ongoing concern in accident prevention. How to make the workplace safer for everyone? These are key questions.

Also to consider is the question of economics and profit margins. A safer workplace will also be a more productive and profitable workplace, too. It has been reported that human error causes the manufacturing industry unplanned downtime of about 23%. This 23% translates, literally, into dollars