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Things You Didn’t Know About EEG Studies

Many people have, at some point in time, either participated in an EEG study or considered participating in an EEG study. EEG, meaning electroencephalogram, is the term given to an image that captures the electrical neural activity of the brain, which can then explain things in clinical research like depression, mood disorders, epilepsy studies, and sleep disorders. These EEG studies can be either paid or volunteer, but you will always show up in the medical journals and reports that follow the EEG study as an anonymous participant. Whether or not you are thinking about participating in an EEG study to make some extra cash or to genuinely get some questions answered about your health, here are some things you may not have known about EEG studies.

One: Stash all phones. Clinical research organizations in USA will not allow the use of your mobile phone or other electronics during the study. Unfortunately, this m