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Finding the Right Accountant for Your Needs

The world of accounting is a precarious place to maneuver for people who work outside the industry. There are so many small nuances that can easily be missed if you don’t have more than a basic knowledge.

Taxes are often the biggest hurdle for many homeowners and business owners. It can be tough to know the fine line of what items can be tax exempt and what can’t be. For example, in New York City, uncut bagels are tax exempt while an 8.875% sales tax is applied to sliced bagels because it is considered to be prepared food.

Having a tax accountant that can navigate the ins and outs of your business and home ownership can play a huge role in giving you the opportunity to leverage as many tax benefits as possible, stay on track and organized with your business transactions and to adapt to changes in the tax code you’re doing business in.

What many mistakenly believe is that you must have a massive business or home in order to hire someone who can help you manage your bus