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3 Main Hazards of Crane Usage and How to Prevent Them

Hoisting and rigging

Driving down the freeway the other day, there was a lot of construction going on along the shoulder. Equipment and machines all along the highway; it’s a pretty sight out there. My main concern however, was the lack of safety protocol that was being followed. No crane mats or round slings that I could see from my vantage point. Crane services are incredibly important especially when it comes to keeping the workers and people around safe. Here are the three main hazards when working in crane services and how they can be prevented.

End Mill Bit? ER Collets? What You Need to Know


Trying to learn about metalworking, woodworking, and machinery in general can be extremely intimidating. Without some kind of prior knowledge or somebody to help you, the terminology alone can be overwhelming. You might know the broad basics, like what a drill is, what drill bits are, what a clamp is, and so on, but someone mentions “end mill bit” or “ER collets” and everyone can practically see the sparks flying from your brain. Not only that, but it’s hard to do any research on these because people figure that if you’re looking it up, you already know what they are. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the tools that, while simple, aren’t as commonly known as a screwdriver or hammer.

How to Stay Healthy and Still Use the Elevator

Residential elevator service

If you have to ride in an elevator then you probably want the assurance that it’s safe and you aren’t going to go plummeting down to the bottom. Well, that’s really just in the movies now. Modern commercial elevators don’t rely solely on the pulleys anymore, thankfully. The elevator safety company will usually guarantee their work and any elevator repair as well, if you look at the plaques posted outside and then inside the elevator whether it’s a residential elevator service or commercial one. Now that we know that the elevator safety company isn’t going to send up plummeting to our deaths, let’s look at an interesti

Why Regular Energy Just Ain’t Working Anymore Understandig the Business of Energy Industry Deregulation

Maryland energy suppliers

Think back to your high school history class. It may be hard — or painful — especially if it’s been a few decades, but think back to the lesson or lessons about how the United States was founded, and why it was built on the principles of liberty and justice for all. Although this sentiment was meant for the people and this great country, it also applies to the businesses operating here. The American economic system is known for its capitalist mentality, but it’s also praised for its free enterprise system, which means minimal government in terms of corporate enterprises.

Like other corporations, energy is a big business and an especially important one! After all, it’s how the lights stay on in your home and how you’re able to stay warm and cool throughout the different seasons. However the ene

The Benefits of Electronic Billing

Billing statements

Outsourcing departments, especially billing services, has becoming quite popular nowadays especially for smaller businesses. If you outsource utility billing, your customers may be able to get a more comprehensive and understandable bill because the outsourced company will have the time to really sit down and figure out what some improvements to the billing process could be. That is, if your customers are still receiving print and mail services. Even if you outsource utility billing, customers should still be encouraged to cut down on paper and print services by switching to the electronic method of billing. Here are a few benefits to electronic

Online Sales Dominate The Market How Can You Keep Your Business Transactions Secure?

Payment processing companies

Thanks to the Internet, buying a wide variety of products and having them delivered right to your doorstep is easier than ever. People have gravitated to this new form of business and, as a result, small businesses and corporations alike work day and night to accommodate these new standards and expectations. However, with all upsides there’s a downside — secure payment. Many customers are concerned about credit card fraud, lost transactions and a lack of oversight for their hard earned cash. With gateway services and chargeback protection you can spend less time off

Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace


The secret to a happy home is a healthy furnace. Your furnace is an integral part of your home, setting the ambiance and atmosphere for everyone who comes to visit. To keep your heating system running at its peak performance for as long as possible, it’s important to maintain it with regular TLC. Some heating repairs and maintenance can be done yourself at home, while others require a heating contractor to pay a visit. The following is a list of the most important maintenance procedures and at-home heating repairs to keep your unit in tip top shape.