Month: January 2022

3 Tips for New Commercial Janitorial Businesses

3 Tips for New Commercial Janitorial Businesses

One of the first things that a customer notices when walking into a place of business is how clean the area is. Being nice and clean can keep a customer coming back, but if your building is dirty, then they may never come back. In fact, 94% of would avoid a business in the future if they encounter a dirty restroom.

How to Ensure Audience Growth

Successful audience marketing depends heavily on audience development. Audience development can be tough. In 2020 there were over 8 million marketers using Facebook for advertising. How can you improve your audience development? This video will provide you with tips on how to curate an audience and develop that audience.

Growing Millions of Plants in One Year

Plants are great for the home and commercial interior plants, Nasa says that plants can filter our air at a rate of removing about 87% of toxins in a twenty four hour period. This video is all about where all those plants that we love come from. Most people go to their local big box store to buy some plants for their interior plantscaping and not give much thought to where those plants came from.

Installing HVAC for a Commercial Building

This video takes you through the rigors of the commercial installation of an HVAC system. Commerical installation of HVAC systems starts with the commercial fabrication of HVAC systems. Front end design, and focused engineering helps to create HVAC systems that are custom for a variety of commercial settings. This video shows you what it takes for surface preparation and all the work that goes into equipment installation to get a commercial HVAC system up and running.

What You Need to Know About College Private Loans

What You Need to Know About College Private Loans

Funding one’s college education is no small feat, especially if your child is dreaming of getting into a good university and taking up a costly degree. You know education is always worth the investment. However, your bank account tells you it might not be possible.

Thankfully, there are other ways to fund a college education such as scholarships, federal financial aid, and private student loans. While scholarships are the best way to fund college, they aren’t for everybody because of the grade requirement.

Advanced Tooling Systems

This video takes you behind the scenes at Advanced Tooling Systems in Grand Rapids Michigan. Advanced Tooling Systems is helping industries to keep up with the higher demands in today’s market with high quality tooling equipment including barfeeders and more.