What A Home Health Care Agency Needs To Protect Its Workers

By on August 9, 2017

Home health workers compensation insurance

Healthcare comes in different forms. For those that are confined to their home more often than not, home health agency insurance is a resource that needs to be explored on a regular basis to ensure everyone up and down the line is being accommodated properly. This means those with chronic illness or disability, the agencies that seek out jobs for home health care workers and the workers that round out the industry.

Workers’ compensation is the barrier that protects everyday workers from claims that could see them losing money or even ending their careers. The five types of insurance a home health care business needs to know about are as follows — there’s General and Professional Liability Insurance, Automobile Liability Insurance, Commercial Crime Coverage, Content and Building Insurance and, lastly, Workers’ Compensation.

There are many safety factors to consider for workers and their home health agency insurance. There’s physical safety, financial security and mental health, among others, that can rise or dip depending on working conditions. Home health care workers compensation insurance can provide the resources to help a worker recover from an illness, an accident or a lawsuit. This also has the added benefit of reducing liability for your own agency.

Car accidents are the most significant loss category in claims dollars paid. When you consider that home health workers depend on their vehicle to get to and from work, the store and various other establishments, it’s the responsibility of home health agency insurance to provide them a buffer they can fall back on. This can include supplemental support for damaged tires, fenders or necessary repairs. Car accidents aren’t the only health hazard, however, and there are physical and mental health issues to consider.

The CDC has conducted multiple studies to better address the physical health risks posed by the average home health care worker. Six of the most common occupational hazards for home health care workers are violence, allergies to latex, musculoskeletal disorders, driving-related injuries, needle injuries and exposure to unsafe conditions. These include, but are not limited to, hostile pets and dirty homes. Home healthcare business insurance is better when it has a broader picture of the everyday risk posed to its people.

Home health agency insurance needs to cover a broad set of basics in order to keep workers safe from the myriad of issues they face on the daily. Since healthcare norms fluctuate on a yearly basis, it’s imperative to check with recent developments to make sure your insurance is up-to-date — what may be seen as minor one year can become a standard the next. Other workers, such as those with their own disabilities and accommodations, may require unique forms of insurance to back them up.

With a little preparation and transparency, this field can be safer than it ever has been before. How can your home health insurance agency better care for its workers this year?

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