Thousands Of Pounds Of Trash Are Generated Every Day Keeping Up With Dumpster Rental Services

By on January 16, 2019

Taking out the trash is a fact of life. There’s no escaping it!

You toss out your kitchen trash bags at the end of the week and take a little time off just to shred unwanted papers. What do you when you run a business and have a lot more on your hands? You look into a good roll off dumpster that can get it all done in one go. The budget dumpster rental is a useful resource for just about any business, freeing up your hands so you can focus on more important matters. All you have to do is type in ‘junk removal near me’.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to learn a little more about trash removal and how to go about it efficiently. To the statistics!

How Much Trash Is Generated Yearly?

The United States is a huge country. Is it any wonder it’s also one of the biggest producers of trash around the world? A 2013 study concluded Americans generate over 250 million tons of trash, with construction projects producing nearly 40% of all this waste. Recycling, on the plus side, has been on the rise. Americans have also been recycling and reusing more paper than ever these past five years.

What Should I Be Recycling?

Recycling is good for the planet and good for your wallet. Even as you look up dumpster rentals in your area it doesn’t hurt to think about good green habits. The easiest materials to recycle are paper, plastic, and glass, with many dumpsters having additional recycling bins to help you sort things out. You can also look into recycling unwanted textiles, such as used clothes or towels. You name it, it can probably be broken down and put back into the economy!

Which Cities Are Growing The Fastest?

While Americans in general produce quite a bit of waste, some locations are hitting astronomical figures. Forbes has named Austin to be the number one fastest growing city in the United States, followed close behind by Seattle. Despite Austin’s relatively low population density of 3,350 people per square mile, it’s practically a powerhouse when it comes to production…trash or otherwise! To haul junk away means to use your resources wisely. You don’t need more work on your plate, do you?

Are Dumpsters Easy To Use?

Dumpster rental companies are ever hard at work to keep businesses moving smoothly. What better way to do this than to provide accessible dumpsters available at the click of a button? Back in 2016 nearly 20% of local government meetings around the nation addressed the topic of solid waste issues, trying to find a good middleground to get things moving. Junk collection services are frequently employed by the city, but that doesn’t always account for smaller businesses. A roll off dumpster helps you take things into your own hands while still giving you some convenience.

Should I Try A Roll Off Dumpster?

When you have junk to get rid of and only so much time to do it, the roll off dumpster is ready to help. You can rent a dumpster onsite and use it to your heart’s content, scheduling pickups and organizing your recycling at your leisure. Cleanliness is one of the most important things a business can keep up with, as it affects everything from customer perception to money saved. Once you’re finished — or just need a break — you can send the dumpster right back. Convenience is the name of the game and you need plenty of it.

Don’t let trash weigh your week down. Rent a dumpster and get packing!

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