The New Style of Patch Work

By on May 20, 2013

Shirt labels

The art of making custom embroidered patches is decades old but, using new high speed, computerized machinery allows the once rare and time consuming art to be mass produced. The advanced technology allow practically any design to be created in thread on an embroidered patch. Some other advancements through modern machinery for patches include plastic backing to improve the stiffness and also prevents bunching or wrinkling of the design. The Institute of Heraldry designs patches that are certified and protected for and by the United States military. Military patches are full of metaphor, using colors and images to stand for many things.

When it comes to patches, technology has led the way for new and improved things. Take the time to learn more about embroidery companies that handle woven patches as well as custom zipper pulls. Besides custom zipper pulls, embroidery manufacturers can make a wide range of patches using the advanced technology of today. Offering things such as custom zipper pulls, PVC patches, printed clothing labels, rubber patches, and even tagless labels; embroidery companies have a lot of applications that they can use to create custom zipper pulls and custom patches. More like this: www.cbflabel.com

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