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By on June 18, 2013

Sky business news

Sky Business News was launched in 2008 as a twenty four hour channel devoted to covering business news, both national and global. The coverage is available on three separate channels on Australian television, and Sky Business News has a strategic partnership with FOX Business News, the large conglomerate of American media. Sky Business News pulls one third of their content from FOX’s stories, and in return, FOX broadcasts to the American audience larger stories and breaking news from Sky Business during holiday periods or critical financial periods. This partnership allows for Sky Business to extend its global reach and utilize reliable and critical content from the large conglomerate, FOX News.

The anchors and reporters for Sky Business News include leading Australian economists, journalists, and commentators, as well as members of the association, Sky News Australia, and its pool of business presenters. The channel maintains dozens of programs regarding the economy, both national and global, and business trends. Their website has a real time ticker for stock prices, as well as tips for business owners, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals. The channel is a part of the Sky News network, which also provides basic news and weather coverage to the Australian people as well. The network’s commitment to covering local, national, and global news in an unbiased manner for their audience is what drives their business and endears them to their audience in Australia.

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