Improving the Legal System from Personal Injury Litigation to Environmental Law

By on April 23, 2018

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When the early societies first started organizing laws and ways to protect the rights of citizens, the size of those communities were much smaller than the sprawling cities and states that make up the countries of the world we know today. In many cases it was much easier to govern these smaller communities. As populations have exploded over the years, many laws have had to be amended, removed, or added to fit the changing times. However in many cases, that change occurs much more slowly than is ideal. The legal system we know today certainly is not perfect, but as long as we all work toward progress, there is hope for a better system for future generations.

Changing with the times

If you know anything about history, you know that our species has seen our fair share of dark times and misguided ways. There have been laws in existence in the past that had complete disregard for entire groups of people. As our collective knowledge and awareness changes, the laws, bills, and policies that govern our societies should reflect that. Some might say that there are still laws in existence today that allow for legal discrimination of certain races, genders, or other groups. We as a people must continue to push for something better, never settling until every person can say that they feel all of their rights are protected.

It goes beyond people as well. Think about the Industrial Revolution. What kind of laws protected the only planet we call home? These days, people are waking up to the realization that we must act now if we want future generations to have a safe place to live. In some cases, taking action could mean seeing improvement in the environment within our lifetimes. Environmental law might seem like a separate issue, but protecting the earth comes back to protecting the people on it. There are far too many people who do not have the basic human right of access to clean drinking water or fresh, unpolluted air.

From criminal justice reform to personal injury litigation

There are countless sectors to the law and government. Many people encounter the legal system without even realizing it. Following the correct procedure when getting into a fender bender, or finding an effective neutral mediator to get through a divorce are common ways that people participate in the legal system. Personal injury litigation is one that is quite common as well. This can be necessary after a car crash, a workplace accident, or a disagreement that escalates to a physical altercation. Most of the time, a good personal injury litigation strategy will protect the rights of the injured party. But there is always room for improvement in the legal system. It is crucial to have accountability within the legal system to ensure that every single person feels that their rights are protected. Looking at the big picture of the need for criminal justice reform, this becomes quite clear.

Societies work well when citizens follow the law. But societies can become truly great when the laws that are put into place work for every single citizen, and we must continue to work toward building that ideal world.

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