3 Ways You Can Increase Gym Membership With Commercial Cleaning

By on November 7, 2016

Benefits of hiring carpet cleaners

Gym cleanliness is imperative to increasing membership. Whether individuals are just starting out on their fitness journey or they?re looking for a gym that offers a variety of high quality equipment, the cleanliness factor of the workout facility can easily sway their decision to apply for a membership. Read on to discover how your gym could benefit from the services of a commercial cleaning company.

People who visit the gym on a regular basis usually look for a facility that?s well-lit and features an assortment of high quality equipment. If the gym has an odd odor emanating throughout the halls or several large dust bunnies along the walls, there?s a good chance that membership would drop like a rock. But there?s no need for you to take on the responsibility of cleaning each week. Leave it to the commercial cleaning professionals and they?ll provide the top-notch cleaning service you?re looking for.

For gyms in need of commercial cleaning services, here are the top three benefits you could enjoy by working with a renowned janitorial service on a regular basis:

  • Longer-Lasting Equipment
    You?d be surprised at how long the equipment can last if you keep it clean. Even if members are required to wipe down the machines after use, it takes more than that to ensure they remain in top condition. Take advantage of outsourced janitorial services and provide your members with exceptionally clean machines for their exercises. With their green cleaning products and years of experience, these experts will ensure each machine is thoroughly wiped down and will rid the mirrors of any unsightly streaks or smudges.
  • Elimination Of Bacteria
    Commercial cleaning is an easy solution to prevent the spread of disease. Since bacteria tends to have a faster growing rate in warm, humid climates, hot and sweaty gyms can quickly become a germ pool if preventative steps aren?t taken. Hire a commercial cleaning service and work out a schedule that allows them to perform a basic wipe down every day. This will provide an excellent opportunity for the equipment to get a full wipe down every day with an assortment of green cleaning products, giving you a peace of mind during flu season.
  • Increase Loyalty
    Prepare to be surprised at an increase of membership once you start working regularly with a commercial cleaning service. It?s been reported that 72% of adults in America will not apply for a membership if there?s a foul odor present, 71% don?t like exercising on dirty equipment and 88% saying they won?t use a workout facility that has cleanliness issues. The easiest way to avoid losing membership is to work with a highly recommended professional janitorial service. With their green cleaning products and skilled employees, you can fully depend on them to keep your facility clean.

What?s your experience with hiring a commercial cleaning service for the local gym? Share in the comments below!

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